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Luxury Apartments for Sale in London

Luxury London property has rightly earned a reputation as a relatively safe asset class for investment.

As the historic centre of the English language and birthplace of cultural, legal and business practices adopted internationally, London is the world’s leading financial centre for international business and commerce. With around 40% of the world’s foreign equities trading here and its central time zone location between US and Asian markets, the capital is unquestionably a global leader.

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London’s Luxury Apartment Market

With London’s property market growing rapidly, luxury apartments in the capital have become more popular every month.  From city studios to large luxury apartments, numerous luxury developments are currently being built throughout the capital.

London has always been a favourite city for successful professionals, but its luxury apartment market has grown massively in the last decade. New developments and refurbished luxury apartments are popping up across the capital.

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Why Invest in London Luxury Property?

As a global financial centre and cultural capital, London is one of the world’s most dynamic and historically important cities. It’s also an excellent city for property investment, as the growing value of  London homes over the past decades indicates.

Luxury London property has rightly earned a reputation as a relatively safe asset class for investment with any five-year forecast showing a return on capital and Prime London property virtually doubling in value every eight years.

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Are You Interested in London Luxury Apartments?

London residential property has been a fantastic investment, with Central London homes doubling in value every eight years since the 1960s. The UK’s economy combined with London’s many unique attributes have made it a coveted location, and with emerging economies finding their love for the city too, its looks as if London’s global pull is here to stay

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