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London Heights International has worked with over 100,000 global investors, helping them to invest in property in the UK.

Tourism is a fundamental aspect that contributes towards the economies of the cities within U.K. Investing in them is a great opportunity to take advantage of some of the largest growth levels in UK. This is an attractive feature for overseas investors as capital gain returns have proven to be very profitable within London. Property prices have risen, along with rental prices and employment figures; all of which are constantly improving. Rental returns are high and capital growth is a positive forecast. Outstanding investment opportunities are available including luxury apartments, modern residential homes and student accommodation. Transport is being heavily invested in and many new amenities are planned close to, or incorporated directly into new developments.

Keeping your money in the bank isn’t what it used to be, with few people making any interest on their cash in today’s market. Interest rates are the lowest they have been in decades and with the current rate of inflation those funds are losing value on a daily basis. There are many investment opportunities in the current market today, but rarely do any of these products provide a safe investment like property does. 2017 is a particularly good year to invest in property with many opportunities available for investors and London Heights International are bringing a number of new buy to let and student accommodation investment opportunities to the market.

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