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Director turned his vision to create a trusted property investment company; bringing clients the finest opportunities from across U.K to National and International Investors.

Founded – London Heights International was officially registered and opens for business

First Office – We acquired our first office in London.

First Employee – Within the first few months the need for staff and building a team came to light and our first employee was hired.

First Investment Opportunity – London Heights International secured its first developer clients taking on a stock of 3,200 new build student accommodation homes to be sold with fixed rental returns.


Emerging Markets

London Heights International identified a new emerging market in the U.K Hotel Apar market.

First Hotel Apar Project – London Heights International agree marketing terms of business with their very first Hotel apar U.K developer taking on 118 Units.

Hotel Apar South East Asia Launch – London Heights International conduct their very first property exhibition for U.K properties in Singapore & Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

First U.K Exhibition – London Heights International lunch their U.K property exhibition in London at Excel Centre.


Growing Rapidly

New Business – London Heights International agree marketing terms of business with a U.K student accommodation developer taking on 3 developments in Bradford, Manchester and Nottingham totalling 400 units.

Thailand Exhibition Launch – Via JV partners London Heights International Launch U.K Hotel Apar and Student accommodation developments to be sold in Thailand, Bangkok & Taiwan.

U.K Exhibitions – London Heights International attend Excel Centre Property Exhibition selling 32 student accommodation properties over a two-day event.

Middle East Introduction – London Heights International start liaising with Middle east contacts for market expansion.


Selling Rapidly

First Award – London Heights International won their first award in 2013 including best international agent in South East Asia. The International property investment specialist of the year.

Hong Kong Office Launch – Via JV partners London Heights International opens offices in Hong Kong as Real estate investment agents.

Hong Kong Exhibition Launch – London Heights International launch their first Hong Kong property investment Exhibition offering U.K Serviced Apartments & Student Accommodation.

China Exhibition Launch – London Heights International set up their first property Exhibition in Macau, Shanghai & Beijing offering U.K investment real estate.

Shanghai Growth – Based on the success in the previous quarter of this year London Heights International launched another 5 property exhibition events within the same year.


Market Expansion

Expansion to Middle East Market – London Heights Business Development manager liaises with joint ventures companies to launch London Heights International in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar

Middle East Exhibition Launch – London Heights International launch their first middle east property exhibition shows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait & Qatar selling a range of U.K investments; Student accommodation, Hotel Apar and London Residential apartments.

Hong Kong Expansion – Office within Hong Kong expands with 12 new staff members joining the team.

New Business – London Heights International agree marketing terms of business with one of the fastest growing Hotel Apar developers in U.K with the view to sell the properties in U.K, South east Asia and Middle East.

Ending Year – London Heights International move office location to a larger in to central London.


Guaranteed Investment Returns

New U.K Hotel Projects – London Heights International launch its first hotel investment properties offered with guaranteed rental returns.

U.K Office – Enquiries increased from local national for more information on how to diversify your property portfolio due to legislations changes in U.K

Middle East Market – A high volume of Property exhibitions were conducted within 2015 over middle east countries selling over 22 million pounds worth of Real Estate investment to Middle east Investors.

Land Acquisition – Based on demand from the international market; London Heights International open a new department Land Acquisition.

New Business – London Heights International secure another U.K Hotel Apar development to sell; located in London next to Gatwick Airport.

First Land Sale – London Heights International sells its first pre-approved student accommodation Land development site of 24,000 sq. ft. to an International corporate company.

New Business – London Heights International secure another student accommodation development of 80 units to be sold to National and International Investors.


Why not Europe?

New Platform – London Heights International was offered a platform to form a joint venture with one of the leading agency brands in France. Via this business relations London Heights Internationally has successfully sold a handful of Student accommodation investments to local French investors.

Launching in Europe – London Heights International test the market and launches its first property exhibition within Europe in France & Spain.

New Business – London Heights International Secure another Hotel Apar Development to sell; located within Manchester City.

Hong Kong sales continue– Within 2016 the Sales figures from the Hong Kong office exceeds targets by 73%. This was ideally due to the sterling pound becoming weak and attracting larger sums of investment in to the U.K

Thailand Sales Progress – London Heights International continues to conduct property exhibitions.

Kuwait Sales Update – London Heights International increases the number of Property exhibitions held within Kuwait.

China Sales Update – London Heights International launch at the largest property exhibition for Main Land China in 2016 held at the Sofital Wanda Hotel in Beijing.

U.K Local Buyer – In 2016 a dramatic enquiry interest was increased for alternative investment opportunity for local U.K investors. So far till date Residential investment has been the most demanding sector; however, with new legislations making the private residential buy to let market less attractive; many national investors are now looking to invest within Student accommodation, Hotel Apart or serviced apartments with fixed initial rental yields.

Land Acquisition – London Heights International take on five new locations for pre-approved Land developments sites to sell.

Ending year 2016 – 2016 was a successful year for London Heights International as we are expanding our marketing coverage to Europe; building key business relations and successful sales along the way.


From Strength to Strength

New Business – London Heights International Acquire another Hotel Apar development to sell; located in Manchester City.

Honk Kong Exhibitions – Hotel Apar Property exhibition takes place in Hong Kong growing from one property exhibition per month to three

Beijing Exhibitions – Hotel Apar property exhibition takes place in Beijing Sofital wanda (Largest annual property exhibition in Beijing)

Middle East Sales – London Heights International continue sales of property to middle east investors with high volume of interest from Qatar and Kuwait.

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